About OpenFab PDX

OpenFab PDX, LLC is a digital design and manufacturing consulting firm owned and operated by mechanical engineer, David Perry. With a background in product design, David helps his customers go from idea to physical object using modern digital design and fabrication technology. By empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds to become makers, we all benefit with new ideas, increased creativity, and exciting projects! David is dedicated to helping his customers understand and use modern, low-cost digital design and manufacturing technology. Whether you want to run your own 3D printer, or you’d rather David take care of the details, OpenFab can help you get it made.

OpenFab is all about:

  • Creating innovative products through affordable design/fabrication services.
  • Empowering business and educational institutions with the latest digital design and fabrication tools.
  • Inventing, making, and publishing new and exciting open source hardware projects.

About David Perry

As a mechanical engineer, David is always seeking innovative ways to design and create things. He’ll never forget the first time he held a digitally produced (CNC mill) part in his hands, and loves to create that experience for others. In September of 2012 David attended the OSHWA Open Hardware Summit and was inspired to create a company focused on the implementation of the open source model. To David, open source hardwares are cars, bicycles, 3D printers, and instruments — much more than just computer hardware. He’s currently iterating the 3D-printed F-F-Fiddle.

When David isn’t driving CAD and tinkering on 3D printers he’s out mountain biking, cycling, fishing and generally enjoying Portland, OR.